ACV 1604 Series


ACV 16041

Auto optical inspection machine
Micro screw inspection machine

ACV 16043

Fastener inspection machine
Nut Inspection machine

ACV 16045

ODM Auto Optical Inspection machines
Nut Inspection machine


  • Designed with transparent round glasse platform
  • Suitable for inspecting fastener <m3.0 of 3C/electronic application
  • Inspection item: Fastener, micro screw, micro parts
  • Application: screws of mobile phone, MP3, PDA, notebook, digital camera and semiconductor parts, nuts, rods, washers and lathe parts.


Accuvision’s 4th high speed generation glass platform optical auto inspection machine can sort sizes of M0.6-M3 fasteners, screws, insert nuts, and CNC products, targeting on high speed and high accuracy.