Fastener Tech

Gary Sullivan of AQVision International, Inc. located in Rockford, IL. says there’s exciting things happening in inspection machine technology. We’re now able to inspect defects that up to a few years ago could only be inspected by hand. Accuvision Technology, Inc. is on the forefront of high speed inspection machinery.

Accuvision offers the most advanced technology. We’re the bestselling fastener sorting and inspection equipment in the world and is the sole provider of high speed inspection machines to the fastener companies that support Foxconn.

Accuvision wishes to announce our newest additions to the inspection machine line up. Along with ACV-16051 Steel Dial Machine for headed product and the ACV-16041 Glass Dial Machines, we now offer a solution for unheaded pins with the ACV-16060, the ACV-16069 Glass Dial Eddy Current Hardness Inspection and the large diameter ACV-16059 for larger parts and lengths.

Accuvision’s options include 360 thread inspection module, 360 cracked head inspection, automatic packaging into cartons and returnable, bottom view cameras on the steel dial type for point inspections and up to six cameras on both the steel dial machines and glass dial type.

Accuvision’s steel dial machine is the fastest steel dial type in the Fastener Industry with speeds up to 1,500 parts per minute. The steel dial machine can be ordered with a device that allows the machine to see an area normally hidden by the dial by popping the head up to present to the side view camera.

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